TrueSelf Psychology® Online MasterClasses

TrueSelf Psychology™ Online MasterClasses

For many, change is difficult. But once you know how change manifests, it gets a lot easier to accomplish. 

Knowledge doesn’t change you. We all know what to do to improve our lives, yet we can still get stuck in the ‘not doing’, or what’s not working. 

But here is what does work:

Awareness combined with process work repeated across time.

Man siting on a Cliffside
Change is a function of 5 factors: 

  1. Realizing you need to change
  2. Desire to make the change
  3. Knowing how to 
  4. Doing what works 
  5. Repetition Across Time (RAT)

Having worked with thousands of individuals in private practice and several more thousands in MasterClasses since 2005, you learn quite a bit of what makes change happen, and what prevents it. 

“Success leaves clues”, is a quote I remember reading 30 years ago, and I’ve since spent countless hours figuring out how to make change successful and then, how to present my teachings in succinct, clear, workable and transformational workshops that bring lasting results.

The wonderful thing about achieving your desires, is that there are systems to make them manifest. 

The TrueSelf Psychology® program has bloomed into one of those systems that teaches the TrueSelf way of good living in our masterclasses.

Each TrueSelf Psychology® MasterClass is purposely designed with the intention of developing the 3 main aspects to living a well-balanced life. 

The objectives are to: (1) be centered within yourself, (2) pursue your dreams, and (3) enjoy healthy relationships.

Stand in Your Power

Align with your core being – where all your personal power resides



Mind Your Goals

Align with your goals and dreams



The Power of Us

Show up whole and align to build healthy relationships



Our TrueSelf MasterClasses are different from other workshops in that they are therapeutic without the therapy. We focus more on a ‘learn and grow’ rather than a ‘rehash and remain stuck’ approach in order to understand and better ourselves. 

Life doesn’t happen to you, life happens within you – then emanates from you. And like a mirror, life reflects back to you what you put out.

It starts with you. Always. 

The more you are aligned with your TrueSelf, the more you are empowered to create the life of your desire.

You are the creator of your reality. You are the one who makes the choices. No one can do it for you. It may not always feel this way, but if you want to be in control of your life, your emotional well-being, you need to learn how to. 

It’s time to own your inner power. Your TrueSelf.