Radio Guest Clips

Toni has been a guest psychologist on the Vinny and Nikki Morning Show on The Beat 92.5FM. Listen in – get tips and sound advice on love, life and feeling good about yourself!

Toni’s Interview on Second Wind

Toni Rebic, M.A, Psychologist was a guest speaker on the popular Second Wind podcast hosted by speaker, media personality and coach, Joyce Buford, on various topics including the importance of self-care, seeing relationships as investments, the effective way of dealing with disappointment, and the power of your thoughts in determining outcomes. 

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Get Your Mind Ready for Reaching Your 2018 Resolutions

As first broadcast on The Beat 92.5 FM, ‘Get Your Mind Ready for Your 2018 Resolutions’ is a 4-week program designed to get your mind set up so you can move towards your 2018 goals with confidence and ease.