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The better you feel, the better life gets. 

Toni Rebic, MA,
Coach Psychologist
Founder and Creator of TrueSelf Psychology®

Discover a systematic approach to abate
negative emotions and align with your TrueSelf

Discover which of the
21 Self-Opposing Mind Patterns
you MUST remove so you can...
Stand in Your Power and Reach Your Dreams


You are meant to be happy. It may not always seem that way, but if this weren’t true, suffering wouldn’t hurt as much. When you think about it, aren’t we always looking for ways to be happy? To end the suffering? To come back to feeling good in our own skin?

Living your best life happens when you are centered with who you are – where all of your personal power resides. But so many walk around in split energy, meaning uncentered and disconnected from who they are, leading to experiencing a slew of disempowering emotions.

At the TrueSelf Psychology® Centre, we offer a new approach to emotional wellness for individuals, couples and families seeking to live a centered, fruitful and enjoyable life – one where they feel good within, and show up whole to engage meaningfully with the people around them.

TrueSelf Psychology® is an innovative and progressive Alignment Therapy and Coaching program which is designed to help our clients and participants reconnect with who they are to learn to feel good in the moment and live a life of choice.

Our TrueSelf Psychology® Alignment program offers pragmatic and tailored exercises typically completed within 6 to 9 sessions to help you:

  • Recondition unhealthy mind patterns
  • Rediscover and Reconnect with your TrueSelf
  • Alleviate pain bodies (pain triggers still stuck in the body)
  • Develop conscious awareness to have greater control over how you think and feel

Once alignment is reached, you then enter the maintenance phase and can choose to continue your wellness journey via specifically designed TrueSelf Psychology® conscious practices by: 

Whatever you need to master your alignment, we will accommodate.

Align with your TrueSelf so you can:

  • Learn to choose feel-good thoughts
  • Use your emotions as guides
  • Make decisions that align with who you are and your goals
  • Connect with like-minded
  • Let go and live in the present while moving towards a future of your design
  • Manifest a life in sync with your desires

Psychology and Coaching Services

Release the past, grow and align with your TrueSelf to live a conscious life

Group teamwork

TrueSelf Academy
Online MasterClasses

Participate in Conscious Development workshops to be aligned with your TrueSelf in all facets of your life.

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Awaken your conscious mind to regain leadership of your subconscious!


Build a positive relationship with your dreams


Get ready to love for love to last


Here is some feedback from our clients and class participants

I don’t take things personally anymore, I am able to remain calm.

I have been with my partner for 6 months and the past 2 weeks we have not? at each other at all. Communication seems like a possibility now for us both. Her actions and behaviours are thought out and she is able to internalize the “trigger” before it happens. The atmosphere is rebuilding itself to be a safe and healthy place again. Her attitude and her change is fantastic to witness!

In a Safe and Healthy Space Again

I am so much more happy than I have been in years.
I always wanted to be the person I was before life happened to me. I have now found a technique that always allows me to be me‼️

“This course was very enlightening as well as a reminder and reinforcement of qualities of a health emotional being to help us with envision where we want to be and why.”

Enlightening Course

“The course is dynamic and invokes a journey of introspection. You have an opportunity to share, learn and listen. Toni has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the working of the human mind and she knows how to effectively deliver this knowledge to an audience who is ready to receive it.”

Very Dynamic Course

Improved awareness of unhelpful thoughts. Occasionally, greater distance between my observation of circumstances and my reactions to them.

“I’m feeling more engaged in my life after taking this course. It was also great to meet other people who shared my thoughts and experiences-gave me good perspective”

Great to Meet Other People

 TrueSelf Psychology®

Alignment Coaching Psychology

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The Better You Feel, The Better Life Gets! Feel Good Now!