A letter from
Toni Rebic, MA, Coach Psychologist

Founder and Creator of TrueSelf Psychology®

A letter from Toni Rebic, MA, Coach Psychologist

Founder and Creator of TrueSelf Psychology®

One of the hardest and most courageous acts you’ll ever do is, contact a stranger, tell her or him all of your problems, and then what do they do?… Show you a mirror. 

Having worked with several thousand individuals since 2005, I can easily confirm that facing the truth – facing yourself, is one of the bravest things you’ll ever do. 

I honestly admire each and every client I’ve had the privilege of working with. 

Not too long ago, you would have been considered crazy! This stigma has caused the sufferings of many and thankfully, we no longer have to suffer it today. 

Today we know better. We know that when people hurt, they need help. And asking for help is no different than needing someone to help repair your car, fixing your plumbing at home, or asking a teacher for guidance.

Asking for help is humbling, yet extremely powerful… because it offers a way out. It gives you an opportunity where you couldn’t see one before, solutions to long-standing issues, clarity where there was confusion, and the most wonderful thing… that you are no longer alone on your wellness journey.

Most of us live unconscious lives – meaning we go about our day without much reflection, nor consideration of how we are thinking, and how those thoughts have everything to do with how we feel and the quality of our lives.

Most people also do not understand the value of self-care. Many believe that self-care means to self pamper – going to a spa, visiting friends, taking a day off, etc. And while these feel reeeally good, they don’t resolve unwanted patterns, triggers and pain bodies – old wounds still stuck in the body. 

Let me explain it differently: if people truly cared about themselves, most wouldn’t need me, and I would have to find a different career.

Here’s something to understand if you want to create the change you are looking for in your life: knowledge changes no one. You can read dozens of books and experience only a few a-ha moments that impact your life. We all know things we need to do, but just don’t do them. So knowledge isn’t powerful, but it does plant seeds of potential. 

So, how can we make what we learn help us evolve and transform?

You nourish those seeds into strong powerful roots called neural pathways. 

Knowledge needs to go through neurological development to invoke change. And that requires Awareness – and to become more aware, you must Awaken your Conscious Mind

In all my professional experience, plus my own 30 years of learning from different fields of wellness modalities, I have never seen anyone purposefully help themselves steadily without conscious effort.

And to awaken conscious thinking, it requires certain conscious development practices across time. 

There are actually no a-ha moments. Rather a seeking of understanding that in one moment becomes clear and resonates within.

It took many years to build the TrueSelf Psychology® program into the successful system that it is today. It came about not only from my own personal and professional development and understanding, but from working closely and deeply with the thousands of clients and participants who trusted me over the years.

To everyone who has worked with me, I am forever grateful, not only for witnessing your transformation and allowing me to do work that I love, but through the work we did together, we created, nourished and perfected the TrueSelf Psychology® program, which now serves to help others who are on their own wellness journey to their TrueSelf. 

The mission of the TrueSelf Psychology® Center is to help people align with their authentic self so that they can live healthier lives, and share their TrueSelf with the world around them. I truly believe that if people really took care of themselves – really cared for themselves, and lived authentic lives, this world would be a healthier place.

Here is something I’ve learned in my career: How you feel matters. And if you made your emotions more important, you would feel better about yourself and enjoy a life more of your choosing.

Emotions are everything. There’s not a moment in your day when you’re not feeling something, just like breathing. And just like your breath, you don’t notice how you feel anymore. But it matters – it matters greatly to your energy and quality of life. You will not be able to love yourself more or achieve what you want without first making how you feel a priority.

And here’s another thing I’ve learned: You are important. You are needed. You matter. And whether you realize it or not, you acknowledge your own worthiness in that courageous first step when you ask for help, and are ready to look in the mirror. 

I promise you, it can only get better from there. Because the better you feel, the better life gets