This free booklet is one of the most important you will ever download! 

It’s time you care enough about yourself to focus on yourself! And that takes courage.

In this booklet, you will go through a checklist to learn more about what’s going on in your mind.

Namely, you will:

  • Discover what are the 21 Self-Opposing Mind Patterns (SOMP) that could be affecting your emotions, behaviour and controlling your life.
  • Be clear on how they create resistance and are getting in the way of feeling good about yourself and becoming more successful at what you want.
  • Know your TrueSelf score! Find out how aligned you are with your authentic self.

Once you know which Self-Opposing Mind Patterns are interfering with your happiness, energy level, and causing resistance to you experiencing a desired life, you will be provided with options to help remove them and become aligned with who you truly are at the core.

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    Hi TrueSelfer! 

    Welcome! It’s truly nice to meet you!

    My name is Toni and I’m the founder of TrueSelf Psychology™, a progressive coaching-psychology process system that helps to remove resistance mind patterns, heal lingering pain bodies, and help you live a conscious life true to yourself, in a typically short-term 6-8 sessions program. 

    Talking about your problems doesn’t change them. It can help to release pent up tension and even bond in sharing with others; but it will also lock you in a loop where life patterns keep repeating themselves, and won’t allow you to escape. 

    On the other hand, process work is transformational! It’s diving into the mind and body to recondition and let go of old patterns and wounds, so you can align with your TrueSelf – the person you are longing to be. 

    It’s now time you meet your TrueSelf, and live an authentic life of your choosing. 

    The power is within your reach – it lies in your alignment. 

    It’s within you.

    Toni Rebic, M.A.,Psychologist
    Founder/Creator of TRUESELF PSYCHOLOGY®